Do you know what is the best way to propose to a vegan girl that does not want to get married? Add a rescued piglet. That is exactly how little Varaha got to us. Little Varaha was a Meishan and she was very proud of her characteristic snout. Though she was still a baby she was in the charge of the whole Farm. Zindža was completely smitten with her, just like the dogs and not to even mention that she dared to rein in the cows too. 🙂

Unfortunately her curiosity and boldness took its toll and after several days of frantic searching and questioning of local gamekeepers we found her dead on the adjacent plot. Apparently the neighbouring cows were not so happy about her rampage.

Little Varaha is the first member of our sanctuary family who left us. We will never forget how delightfully she slept under the blanket and how she wantoned when she was up.

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