13647023_1282500865093446_97273543_oFate of our little Babetka is similar to the Pigy’s. Babetka too was born as a “surplus” piglet of an exhausted mom who could not feed her. Babetka was slowly starving to death even though the “farmer” was very well aware of it. One of the employees took pity on her and he brought her home. Thus she got into Arnie’s family where she welcomed like one of their own. At that time Babetka was two months old – but in size she was still a three-week baby. She definitely didn’t have a poor appetite (you surely never saw anyone drink a bottle of milk so fast) and she had plenty of energy, but after a month her weak little heart gave up.

Her passing was so sudden – she left us in the moment when it seemd the worst has passed. With the littlest ones the pain never goes away…

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