Šanti is a threeyear old goat from Slovakia who was taken away by the State Veterinary Adminstration thanks to her savior Karolína. She arranged her removal and the carantine, organized all papers needed for the transfer (and it was a lot of paperwork!) and she brought her to our door with a lot of food. Prime example of what to do when you are trying to find a home for someone! Not to mention that she has her own shelter and they were transporting cats as well and they were on their way to pick up hens!

Šanti is very hairy which means she was not fed well – as well as looking as a bag of bones.  She wasn’t taking it very well, her temporary people were crying as well. Hopefully she will be all good soon. ❤️?

PS: Šanti likes fruits, vegetables, boiled potatoes, pasta and hay.


20.8.2017: Little Šanti is here for almost a month and she is already getting to our “baroque measurements” ?❤️ She was a bag of bones, but she starts to look like a proper goat!?

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