Pigosaurus’s origin is a little bit of mystery. Is it duroc with přeštické černostrakaté? Hampshire? No idea. We do know that Pigy was born in a factory farm as her mom’s smallest piglet. Ironically, that saved her life – an intern fell in love with that tiny bundle and she took little Pigy home.

She couldn’t stay there though. “On a homestead every animal has to have its benefit.” And for pigs that means death. That’s why she was looking for a new home for Pigy. After a short stop at Arnošt’s Pigy got to us. At that time she was four months old and she was already quite a handful.

That’s all water under the bridge now and Pigy is a big, but very lovely miss who does not let herself be bothered. She even consideres herself as a part of the dog pack! 🙂 Rest of the pack is definitely not thinking the same, but if she’s not sticking her little snout where it does not belong, they get along just fine.

Compared to Arnošt Pigy is a groovy pig. She is as nice as she is big! 🙂 You wouldn’t be surprised be her fondness for food and sleep – you wouldn’t find more skilled expert in any of those.

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