Jaya and Šiva

Jaya and Šiva are a couple of cows! But really! They cannot disguise that they are Jerseys. 🙂

Jaya’s fate begin to change when she was ransomed out from a factory farm. At that time she was already pregnant with Šiva. Thus she was able to do the almost unimaginable – she can see her son growing. And Šiva, as a steer, didn’t end up in the slaughterhouse.

After little Šiva was born they both move out to the pasture. Their humans had to move unfortunately and Jaya and Šiva ended up in a really small place. Their humans didn’t have time for them anymore and in the end they lost the will to care for them. So they got back to us.

Šiva is really honoring his name – he is kind and you can please him easily, but you can upset him easily too and then he could destroy the whole universe. Though he is not wearing a cobra around his neck yet. 🙂

Jaya is the very opposite. Shy and calm. Unfortunately these traits put her at the bottom of the pasture hierarchy and she has to eat apart from the boys if we want to make sure she will eat properly.

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