Dog pack

Size of our dog pack is constantly changing. There is not a time when you would not find a dog or two or three 😀 in our temporary care. Right now we are looking for a forever home for three princesses. You can find more info about them here.

These four are the permanent part of our family.

Dolly and Navara accompanied us on our journeys and they are basically the first non-human residents of the Farm. Neither their life started as a fairytale. Navara was caught as a half-wildling in the forest she was living in after her original human left her for death. She still carries these scars, but thanks to her new family at least those on her heart are almost healed. Though recently her leg-pain is coming back more often.

Our family of four was almost instantly extended with Bernese Mountain Dog Manu. Manu was basically a three year old puppy. In his whole life he saw the world outside of his pen only twice when he ran away. That unruly puppy grew up into one happy dog who is competing with Dolly in agility.

Another permanent dog resident is Labrador Hariom. Hari’s original family moved out and he was left with another dog in the ruins of a house. The other dog found a home in Olomouc and Hari stayed with us because of advanced stage of cancer. His condition is not getting better but luckily it is not getting worse. He has better days, he has worse days, but he does not stop fighting. (Unfortunately, little Hari passed away in February 2018.)