Story of our little Arnošt begins just the same as stories of others (not only) minipigs. He was supposed to end up on a plate as a prize in a fishing contest. However, the winner spared his life and found him a safe home.

Arnošt’s new mom thought he could become a “pig ambassador” like Esther the Wonder Pig. She created facebook page Arnošt je prase (Arnošt is a pig) and documented (and is still documenting) their life together. Through this page she was able to find safe homes for dozens of other pigs. But as any other “minipig” even Arnie slowly grew bigger and his home ceased to satisfy his needs and wants.

Arnie has one big hobby (apart from sleeping and eating) – traveling. Due to his bulldog nature Prague was getting too small for him and he moved to our “countryside”. He got a lot calmer – but given that he is still a little boy, he has manners of a grumpy old man. 😀

Arnie does not like people that much (or anyone else who is not him, for that matter), unless you are carrying a melon or a bowl of middlings to him. You have to be careful around him. But once he lets you in and drops on his side so you can finally start scratching him, you will gladly forgive him for all that. 🙂