You helped us

Autumn 20BeFunkyDesign17 – Help fill our bellies in the winter

Big thanks to all who helped us collecting money for hay for winter and also to those who helped us to clear it at the September workday. <3


July 2017 – Help Navara run again!

She would very much like a medicine for her sore legs which are troubling her for a very long time! Nothing is helping. We found this natural yucca, without additives, without unnecessary animal ingredients and other stuff. Supposedly it helps horses and it would last for a very looong time. She woudl be very grateful.
You can send it to the resident address: Vendula Jandorová, Kotrč 39, Šaratice 683 52. Or you can send any amount to our transparent account with the message: NAVARA.

Thank you. <3