Virtual adoption

You cannot give a home to an animal in need but you still would like to help them? Become an adoptive parent!

Your donation will be used strictly for veterinary care and food for your chosen resident and if you would not mind, we will list you as their adoptive parent.

If you fell in love with one of them, but you are not sure what care they need, please get in touch and we can discuss it. 🙂 Each of our residents has different needs, some need more veterinary care than others, some eat more than others and care for these babies can be covered by more than one adoptive parent.

You can send your adoption donations to our transparent account: 2001252057 / 2010

Please put the name of the chosen adoptee in the message for recipient.

We will gladly send you a tax certificate.

Adoptive parents

Gita and Síta – big thanks to Ivoš for his regular donations for girls

Arnošt – Arnošt’s expenses are covered by his human mom

Pigy – Piga’s adoptive mom is  Štěpánka

Garudas – Gabriela Kaletová became an adoptive parent of our hens