Material help

Is your house full of spare and redundant building material and tools? Mattresses and blankets?

Do you have surplus from your vegetable garden or field? Are you collecting stale bread?

Give it to us!

You can help us by bringing fruits, vegetables, feed mixtures for cows and horses, alfaalfa granules, beet chips, middlings, mineral supplements, any tools or wood to build pens and houses. Basically anything that could come in handy.

If you would like to donate food and you are not sure what kind, please let us know. Health and well-being of our residents is our topmost priority. 🙂

Before winter we always need huge stock of hay and straw, blankets and matresses. We are always in need od wooden pallets!

RIGHT NOW we are looking for:

Old tires, preferably from tractor or bigger.

Thank you <3 ??????? ??? ???????? ?? ?????? ? ??