Financial help

If you do not feel up to personal help or it is just way too long distance for you, you can also help us financialy. For us, the financial help is just as important as the personal and material. Thanks to it we can buy food and hay, beddings and handle veterinary care. The number of our residents is growing and we cannot help others without your help.

Your donations can be send to this transparent account:

2001252057 / 2010
IBAN: CZ1320100000002001252057

(We also have a transparent fundraising account 2701333237 / 2010. Please use this one ONLY IN THE CASE of paying for beneficial merch. Thank you.)

We will gladly send you a tax certificate.

If you would like to organize a benefit event in our name, please let us know and we can discuss the details.

You can also help us while shopping online. Just log in to the website GIVT. The page will then donate a certain percent/s of your purchase to us. If you are worried you would forget, you can add this extension to Chrome and it will notify you if the shop is a member of the GIVT system (you can find the whole list here). Also, for every extension we will get another CZK 10.

Thank you <3