About us

If you are asking who are the people behind the Farm, the answer is simple. We are humans who do not want to support the suffering of others, on the contrary – we want to help them by all means.

Our sanctuary is placed in Březůvky by Zlín. It was founded to help non-human animals in need. Our original vision was a shelter primarily for cows, but as the time passed by we welcomed pigs, sheep and other “farm” animals as well. You will also meet several dogs, some of which call our farm their home, some of which are here only temporarily until they find their own forever home. Our “little ones” usually come from places where they were abused and/or they were facing death. Here they can live through the rest of their lives in peace and safety.

Our secondary goal is to show that not only humans, but other animals too are inteligent and sentient beings. That every one of them is a personality with their own desires and lifegoals.

If you want to help us at least with this piece of world we will cordially welcome you. ? There are many ways to help – materially, financially or personally. If you want to visit, please let us know in advance.

Our farm follows a code of ethics that is in line with our philosophy.

Our residents are not used for the benefit of humans.
Most of our residents come from places where they were (or would be) exploited for milk, egg and meat production. On our farm they will go through their lives without being robbed. We leave their milk for babies and eggs for hens. Should they have any surplus, it would be distributed among the rest of them.

We do not consume any animal products on the Farm.
Animal agriculture is a cause of great suffering for non-human animals and this fact is even more painful since none of these “foods” is a necessary part of our diet in this day and age. By consuming such products we would negate whole existence of our farm and degrade our residents to mere production units. Please respect that no animal products are welcomed here.

We do not sell nor buy animals.
We do not regard non-human animals as a commodity. You cannot put a price tag on their lives. Even if it breaks our hearts, we know today that if we ransom their life it will bring other issues – support of animal agriculture and senseless breeding. Some of our residents leave us for new forever homes – but such homes are carefully chosen and they will leave only after the signing of adoption contract.

We do not breed animals.
We despise breeding of animals. And it does not matter if they are purebreds or not. Shelters and sanctuaries are full to bursting, animal agriculture is one of the main causes of pollution and unimaginable number of human and nonhuman animals are starving to death. That’s why we support: “DON’T BUY, ADOPT, SPAY”. Babies who are born on our farm came here in their moms’ bellies. In most cases it is their first time to fully enjoy motherhood.

All donors’ contributions go solely to the animal care.
Number of our residents is growing and thanks to your donations we can help others. We appreciate every contribution and through our transparent account you can always see where your money went.

Our sancuary is run following the ecological principles.
Our goal is to live our lives in such way that leaves the least possible imprint on our planet. By all means we strive to live locally and without unnecessary waste. We apply this philosophy to our charity merch too. Permaculture farm is a part of our sanctuary and we share its harvest with all of our residents.